By Michael Wong

A lot of us are waking up each day to more unsettling news, uncertainty and worry. 2020 has been a year of all years, and with everything going on it’s normal that we’re feeling a little lost and unstable. 

Now, we could sit here and pretend that this uncertainty can go away in the blink of an eye, but in reality we are in a period of transition that we will need to ride out. It's  uncomfortable, but it is through discomfort that we learn to grow, and hopefully live more mindfully in every sense of the word.

As we sit with the discomfort of current times, how can we bring more calm to our everyday lives? Here are three ways to keep calm:

1. Dedicate time to closing your eyes and breathing

Often when we’re feeling anxious, a telltale sign is our breath becomes quite short, shallow and sits around the chest area. If you notice this, take yourself away from what you’re doing for a few minutes, find a quiet and cozy spot to sit and close your eyes. Start to breathe a little deeper. Even if you just extend your inhales and exhales by one count, this is a great way to practice breathing a little deeper from the diaphragm or belly. When we focus on the breath and consciously try to slow it down, this helps us to move our nervous system into a parasympathetic response - simply put, into a state of relaxation and calm. 

2. Take regular breaks to get fresh air 

Sometimes being stuck in the same environment, within the same four walls, can negatively impact our mental health. Give yourself a bit of respite and a fresh perspective by stepping outdoors and going for a walk in nature. It may seem so simple, but there have been many studies that have scientifically correlated being in nature and a reduction in anxiety. Fresh air, greenery and time away from the desk should be the order of the day!

3. Carry Calm Chews with you 

Life may be operating at a slower pace, but even if you are starting to move back to the office or commute around your city, you can still find calm on-the-go. Try carrying our Calm Chews with you, for whenever you need support to quiet the mind. They have a custom calming terpene blend that can help support your natural ability to cope with stress and everyday anxiety.