The Path to Healing 

by Michael James Wong   

Healing is not a practice of the intellectual mind, but instead a practice of the heart. But what does it mean to heal? And what are we really healing from? I think it’s fair to say that at some point in all our lives, we have felt damaged, be it physically or emotionally, whether from a lost relationship, a broken bone or just simply the highs and lows of everyday living. And it’s in these moments we can feel truly disconnected, we believe ourselves to be broken, or at least that’s what we tell ourselves. We can feel unbalanced and uncertain about everything, and in turn hopeless and lost. And so, we stand defeated on the footsteps of a long and winding path to recovery often unknowing or unwilling in how to heal, or come back to ‘ourselves’, how to move on and most importantly how to rediscover the joy of living.  




Feeling hurt or let down can be painful, an injury or a traumatic experience can be a terrible thing, but we must always remember that we are not broken, we are merely in a moment of imbalance and disconnection. Too often we can allow ourselves to consider ourselves to be damaged, and it can be depressing and overwhelming. Hopeful optimism is essential and an honest perspective that we may be experiencing a moment or a phase of hardship, but this does not mean we are damaged. 



The act of healing in an inevitability if we allow ourselves time. Nothing needs to heal too quickly, because it is not a process that can be rushed. Don’t give yourself deadlines or timeframes, instead create space in your life for less. If we try to plan the process of healing, we will miss out of the essential ingredient of allowing the time to just be. 



Daily moments of positivity can help in a big way. They don’t need to be a part of a master plan or a strict regime, just small simple things that make you feel good. It could taking time each day to wander outside for a walk, to replant some flowers in the garden, to paint, draw or read. These proactive moments of positivity add up and can help to re inspire your wellbeing and connection to the enjoyable things in your life  



Often when we’re hurting, we want to run away or hide, we can feel a sense of shame, embarrassment or guilt and because if this, and so we push people away. But remembering that we have loved one’s around us, people who only wish for our best and that want to help. Let them, allow yourself to be supported in this time. We cannot let ourselves believe that we can heal completely alone.  



Force is not the answer when healing. We must be gentle, go slowly, allow ourselves to be kind along the way. It can be easy to try and ‘fix’ the problem with force or big changes, but softeness and ease will help guide you back into balance and wellbeing. 

 Above all else, we must know that this moment and these feelings are only temporary. And we must believe that we are always deserving of feeling good, being happy and thriving. And so, it’s important to understand how we can support our own healing, how we can empower a process to find our way back into balance and shift our perspective into positivity. Often the greatest suffering is the human spirit, and so we must remember always that healing will come, we must simply go forth gently.  

One of the best ways to start is to begin simply and support yourself in moment of uneasiness and stress. Find routines and products that can quickly cut through these moments of uncertainty, things like Calm Drops which can have an immediate impact on feeling better. Use a few drops any time you feel yourself in a moment of disconnection.  

Remember, healing is the process of restoration and the practice of coming back to ourselves time and time again. And it’s so important, now more than ever to have simple and easy things in  your life that can help you feel ok.